About Bluebird Midwifery

Bluebird Midwifery

Bluebird Midwifery

Professional Information

Type of practice: Hospital Service, Private Practice
Accepts insurance: No
Location of Practice: Brooklyn
Location of Delivery: Hospital Birth
Services Offered: (not specified)

Contact Information

Website: www.bluebirdmidwifery.com

Phone: 718-855-8885

Email: cat@bluebirdmidwifery.com

Address: 135 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

About Bluebird Midwifery

Bluebird Midwifery is a service to the women of Brooklyn. Located on Brooklyn’s Columbia Street waterfront, Bluebird Midwifery provides individualized, holistic, compassionate and respectful care to women of all ages. Gyn, prenatal and postpartum care is provided in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere in the Union Street office. Births take place at Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Bluebird Midwifery was created by Catherine Clark, CNM in 2006.  The formation of Bluebird Midwifery is an effort to glue together the often disjointed maze of women’s healthcare. Clinical care, emotional support, nutritional healing, health counseling and education are all aspects of your care. By maintaining a small practice, we hope to foster intimate and long lasting relationships with clients and maintain the ability to provide them the highest quality of care.

Bluebird Midwifery strives to nurture healthy transitions into parenthood. To this end, natural birth is encouraged, though not required. In addition, we provide postpartum visits in your home hoping to avert any breastfeeding issues and to guide you through the initial and sometimes challenging entry into parenthood.

We understand that having a baby is a physical, spiritual, social, and psychological event. It changes relationships and alters self-perception. Pregnancy and Childbirth can be a triumphant, joyful, fearful and challenging time. We support and validate all of women’s experiences. Through education and continuing support, we strive to empower women and to create the most safe and positive birth experience possible.