About Midwifery Care NYC

Midwifery Care NYC

Midwifery Care NYC

Professional Information

Type of practice: Private Practice
Accepts insurance: Yes
Location of Practice: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx
Location of Delivery: Home Birth
Services Offered: Pregnancy and Birth care, Contraception, Menopause, Family Planning, Gynecology (annual visits, pap smears, etc.), Water Birth, Postpartum care

Contact Information

Website: https://midwiferycarenyc.com/

Phone: (917) 903-2898

Email: info@midwiferycarenyc.com

Address: 448 W 57th St #1C, New York, NY 10019

About Midwifery Care NYC

Midwifery Care NYC believes in the natural progressions of life-cycle events. Our mission is to provide optimal, home-based health care to all people. We practice watchfulness, patience, and non-intervention in the normal processes of home birth and all other aspects of gynecological care during pregnancy. Where appropriate, the use of intervention and technology for existing or potential health problems is only undertaken after consultation and collaboration with all members of the healthcare team as well as with our clients and their trusted family members.

Our model of healthcare promotes a continuous and compassionate partnership between client and midwife and both acknowledges and respects a person’s life experiences and preferences. We care and advocate for patients with nonconforming gender identities and expressions. Our goal is to provide care in a manner that affirms patients’ gender identities and reduces the distress of gender dysphoria.

MCNYC offers personalized care, guidance, and healing through our understanding of—and expertise in—the best practices available. We believe that it is important to continue to evolve, both as a practice and practitioners. MCNYC’s evidence-based approach requires; the informed choice of the client/patient, and skill and knowledge of the provider based on studies that adequately investigate numbers with appropriate levels of recommendations. We affirm that MCNYC incorporates these qualities and that people’s healthcare needs will always be well-served with us.

We believe that every person and their support group has a right to a home birth and to quality healthcare that promotes healing and; respects human dignity, individuality, and diversity, provides complete and accurate information, ensures full involvement and active participation, and enables self-determination in all decisions.