About Connecticut Childbirth & Women's Center

Connecticut Childbirth & Women's Center

Professional Information

Type of practice: Private Practice
Accepts insurance: Yes
Location of Practice: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx
Location of Delivery: Birthing Center Birth
Services Offered: Water Birth, Gynecology (annual visits, pap smears, etc.), Family Planning, Menopause, Pregnancy and Birth care, Contraception, Postpartum care

Contact Information

Website: https://ctbirthcenter.com/

Phone: (203) 748-6000

Email: info@ctbirthcenter.com

Address: 94 Locust Avenue, Danbury, CONNECTICUT 06810

About Connecticut Childbirth & Women's Center

At each visit, we take your lead. We usually start with how you are feeling and answering your questions. We continue to address normal pregnancy signs and symptoms throughout pregnancy and help you find comfortable natural remedies for most of these pregnancy discomforts. We encourage childbirth education and breastfeeding preparation which we discuss in the third trimester.